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AI Use Case Library

This library of AI use cases is designed to help CEOs, decision makers, and anyone interested in quickly evaluating some of the real-world applications for artificial intelligence.

Real applications for artificial intelligence

We have compiled 77 categories of AI use cases based on discussions with our partners, experts in the field of AI, and our own work.

Artificial intelligence and its possibilities are now at the center of discussions between companies, startups, policymakers, and the general public. While AI as a technical topic is quite complex in itself, its capabilities and the complexity of building an AI-based solution are even more difficult to grasp.

Each of these Use Case Families contains a variety of enterprise use cases. This library is kept at a meta (or family) level so as not to overwhelm the reader with the hundreds of use cases found at each level. Because the field is rapidly evolving, this library is not exhaustive and is constantly being updated.

This page is currently being revised. The library with all use cases will be visible here again from July 1.