This image was created with the AI Midjourney by the appliedAI Institute for Europe.

AI Startup Landscape (Europe)

To highlight AI startups in Europe, drive AI adoption, and create more partnership opportunities between startups and enterprises across Europe, appliedAI launched the annual German AI Startup Landscape.

Shaping the future with Partnerships

To promote the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Europe and improve collaboration between AI startups and companies, we (the appliedAI Institute for Europe) have partnered with Ignite Sweden, AI Sweden and RISE Research Institutes of Sweden. Together we aim to support and build the AI startup ecosystem in Europe.

The AI Startup Overview for Europe, aims to drive the spread of AI and help companies find suitable AI partners. For this purpose, we have created a database of high-quality AI startups that allows enterprises and SMEs to easily access trusted AI partners.