AI Use Case Platform

This platform of AI use cases is designed to help CEOs, decision makers, and anyone interested in quickly evaluating some of the real-world applications for artificial intelligence.

Real applications for artificial intelligence

Welcome to the future of AI innovation and collaboration in Europe! Introducing the AI Use Case Platform (UCP) by the appliedAI Institute for Europe – the openly accessible repository of curated high-quality AI use cases. The AI UCP is the premier database for AI use cases and a catalyst for AI adoption and AI education, driving Europe's economic success.

Our AI Use Case Platform (UCP)

The Challenge

Companies of all sizes as well as (non-) profit organizations and governmental entities struggle to innovate, while startups find it difficult to implement their solutions in real world applications. Moreover, over 80%* of digital products, services, and infrastructure are imported from abroad, particularly from the USA and China.

Our Solution

The AI UCP bridges this gap by connecting contributors (e.g., startups, solution providers) who share their AI use cases with consumers (e.g., SMEs) who learn from AI use cases adoption. Our AI Use Case Platform offers a trustworthy source of high-quality AI use cases, fostering inspiration, collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Why this matters

AI adoption is crucial for Europe’s future. The EU Commission and the European Digital SME Alliance have emphasized the urgent necessity to vigorously advance Europe’s digital sovereignty with the highest priority. The AI UCP addresses the demand for a centralized, high-quality database of AI use cases, ensuring interactive user engagement and education in AI.


How to start

Discover, contribute, and collaborate with the AI Use Case Platform. Together, we can drive AI adoption and economic success across Europe. Everyone is welcome to be part of the platform free-of-charge!

The AI Use Case Platform will be launched on July 16th 2024.