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AI Career Kickstart Program: Information for companies

Why is the programme interesting for me as an entrepreneur?

Exciting opportunities and use cases and looking for AI talent?

Companies participating in the program help upgrade interns who play an important role in developing ML systems during their internship.

We want to work together to find highly qualified student:s and provide them with a comprehensive understanding of ML systems in various industries.

As the AI Career Kickstart Program will run multiple times in the future, your company will be part of an exclusive talent pipeline and benefit from a constantly evolving and improving training program for your interns.

What are the benefits of participating in the AI Career Kickstart Program?

There are enough interns applying for jobs.

By participating in the program, you ensure that your interns are perfectly trained for the tasks that will become relevant in the internship.

With repeated participation in AI Career Kickstart Program, we jointly enable highly qualified young professionals to actively participate in the further development of AI systems.

How am I involved in the AI Career Kickstart Program as a company?

In addition to providing the internships, you will enrich the student experience by providing the following input:

  • You will provide one or two experts from your company to be interviewed by the students for two hours
  • You will provide insights into your company's AI efforts through a one-hour guest lecture on a Thursday during the training program.
  • You participate in the selection of the interns best suited to your needs
  • You finance the running costs of the training program of those students to whom you offer an internship

Opportunity for Startups

We are providing 3 places for Start-ups to participate in the program.
The program consists of two phases: during the first phase starting in October 2024 The program consists of two phases: during the first phase starting in October 2024 students will go through extensive AI training focused on industrial AI needs and career skills.

The second phase, starting in April 2025 consists on an internship in participating companies.

Selected Start-ups will:

a) Receive a student after extensive AI training for an internship

b) Contribute to the program with AI experts for guest talks, interviews and/or panel discussions

c) Provide Feedback about their experience in the program

Start-ups will be selected based on their ability to provide internships in innovative and mature AI projects within a robust team of experts. Priority will be given to projects within the field of trustworthy AI or additional social impact.